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Neck Pain

Why do I get neck pain?


Many things can contribute to feeling pain, such as strained neck muscles, injuries such as whiplash or a herniated disc, stress and anxiety, poor sleep, prolonged sitting, or improper sitting posture.

Will my pain go away?


Neck pain often resolves within a few weeks or months. Treatment can speed up recovery while reducing pain and improving function.

What can I do?


To help speed up recovery, it is important for you to participate in your care with your healthcare provider. In addition, continue day-to-day activities even if you experience some pain (within reason).

Click on the images below to download the patient handout

CCGI_neck pain NAD I and II_patient handout_ENG.jpg
CCGI_neck pain NAD I and II_patient handout_FR.jpg
CCGI_neck pain NAD III_patient handout_ENG.jpg
CCGI_neck pain NAD III_patient handout_FR.jpg
CCGI_neck pain NAD I and II for office workers_patient handout_ENG_Page_1.jpg
CCGI_neck pain NAD I and II for office workers_patient handout_FR_Page_1.jpg

Exercise Videos

The neck pain videos are based on the recommendations from the Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Neck Pain Associated with Whiplash and Associated Disorders (2016). Select a link below to view the patient exercise videos for neck pain.


neck pain.png
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