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Low Back Pain

Why do I get back pain?


Activities that can contribute to back pain include lifting, reaching, twisting, sitting for a long time, or doing repetitive work. Stress, anxiety, and poor sleep can also contribute to low back pain.

Will my pain go away?


The duration of pain can vary from one individual to another. Pain can last a few days, weeks, or months. Receiving treatment may relieve the pain and help you return to activities you enjoy.

What can I do?


To help speed up recovery, it is important for you to participate in your care with your healthcare provider. In addition, continue day-to-day activities even if you experience some pain (within reason).

Click on the images below to download the patient handout

CCGI_non-specific LBP_patient handout_ENG.jpg
CCGI_LBP with radiculopathy_patient handout_ENG.jpg
CCGI_low back pain for office workers_patient handout_ENG_Page_1.jpg
CCGI_non-specific LBP_patient handout_FR.jpg
CCGI_LBP with radiculopathy_patient handout_FR.jpg
CCGI_low back pain for office workers_patient handout_FR_Page_1.jpg

Exercise Videos

The low back pain videos are based on the recommendations from the Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Low Back Pain Pain. Select a link below to view the patient exercise videos for low back pain. 


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