Resources - Whiteboard Videos

Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy Guideline

We have now adopted the 2019 Canadian guideline for physical activity throughout pregnancy. Watch as Dr. Gaelan Connell takes you through the basics of the guideline and its evidence-based recommendations for exercise for pregnant women.

Pathway for Managing Low Back Pain

Another handy resource from CCGI: Dr. Gaelan Connell, CCGI Knowledge Broker, explains the CCGI algorithm for the management of low back pain (2018) in this short whiteboard video.

Osteoarthritis Guideline

Roughly 5.6 million Canadians are suffering from osteoarthritis. It is the most common form of arthritis and a leading cause of disability. The CCGI has released a new whiteboard video on the management of osteoarthritis. We explain the best evidence for managing osteoarthritis, according to research by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and Health Quality Ontario. 

La prise en charge de la lombalgie

Dre Catherine Aubé, collaboratrice en pratiques exemplaires de PCGPC, explique l'algorithme du PCGPC pour la prise en charge de la lombargie (2018).